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“Let’s play a Game!!” said a high pitched voice.

“Oh, be serious! ...wait, you are serious, aren’t you?.”

Selina knew she would regret her decision before she even agreed.


It all began during a simple late night jewelry heist. She had just knocked out the first night guard and found that the other one had already been taken care of, as she saw Harley Quinn in the process of tying the unconscious man with a liberal amount of red duct tape.

“It looks neat with the black uniform, doesn’t it?”

Selina noticed how precise and intricate the tape-work was and couldn’t help but recognize that Harley had a sense for style, which she found intriguing enough to engage in conversation with her.
A conversation that quickly turned into a argument about how to deal with guards during a heist.
Both agreed that silently knocking them out in one way or another was the key, but while Selina would usually leave them unconscious and proceed with her theft, Harley would always secure them so they would be unable to alarm anyone should they wake up unexpectedly.

Selina argued that the time it took to wrap them up would count towards the time it would take them to regain consciousness and it was better to go on and finish the heist instead of losing time with immobilizing them.

A sound argument, that Harley couldn’t refute, but Selina was foolish enough to add, that “A  gag wouldn’t keep them from making noise anyway”.

“Challenge accepted” cried Harley and she would not give up until Selina agreed that they would meet up at Harley’s hideout to solve the dispute.

A couple of nights later she found herself entering a seemingly abandoned warehouse at the harbor.
Harley obviously had done her best to turn the inside into the most cliché villain lair possible. The walls were painted in bright neon colors of her trademark outfit, there were giant clown dolls and toys in the corners and all over the floor, as well as a playground area with swings and slides.

“So… do you have another place where you keep your useful items?” Selina asked after taking a good look around.

“Ah, don’t be silly Kitty!” Harley replied “I got all the things we need right here!” She pointed at a small chest labeled “Toy’s”
Selina raised an eyebrow without commenting on the spelling

The chest was filled with all sorts of gags and tape, also cuffs and ropes. After some initial reluctance, Selina allowed Harley to gag her with a piece of tape. In return, she strapped a ball-gag into Harley's mouth.
The girls continued to gag each other in different ways. At one point Harley asked to have her wrists cuffed behind her back. Once Selina complied, it took Harley only seconds to slip her legs through and get the cuffs in front to remove the gag and subsequently the cuffs as well. Obviously she wanted to show off her skills.

Of course Selina insisted to prove that she was just as proficient in escaping and had Harley cuff her in the same way. It took her a few moments longer to get out, which she attributed to wearing heeled boots.

From then on restraints were part of each subsequent gagging attempt and grew more elaborate and tight as they went on with their friendly competition.

Eventually they forgot what they had initially argued about. They  just continued to tie and gag each other in fun ways and then watch as the other escaped their bonds until they had exhausted all the possible variation that Toy’s box would offer.

“That was fun, but I guess we should call it a night” Selina suggested.

“Wait! I have one more thing I want to try on you… I mean I want to try.”

“Do you?”

“Yes, yes, wait, I’ll show you!”  Harley shouted running, already halfway to the far corner of her lair.

When she came back she pushed a large, brightly colored, cube that looked like a giant Jack-in-the-Box about 4-5 feet tall.

“...and what is that supposed to be?” Selina asked with some suspicion in her voice.

“Something fun!” Harley replied cheerfully “You’ll see.”

She opened the back and front panel of the cube and the inside looked rather empty. There was some kind of seat that resembled a children's swing hanging from the top and ankle stocks at the bottom.

“OK. Now what?” Selina wanted to know.

“You get in, and then we see if you can get out.”

“You can’t be serious, dear” Selina replied.

“Oh pleaaaase? I made it but I couldn’t even try it yet, so I don’t have any idea if it works, and I’m dying to find out! Please please pleeeeease??”

“I am not sure about this thing. Why don’t i lock you inside first?”

“Oh come on. Are you a kitty or a chicken? I tell you what. If you can get out, you tell me what’s wrong with it and I make it better and then you can lock me in as long as you want. Deal?”

“What if I can’t get out?” Selina wanted to know

“Then you still get to lock me in for as long as you want.  You kitten chicken… kitchicken”
Harley started dancing around her trying to imitate a chicken and a cat at the same time.  Bwaaak... Meow… Bweaou... Mewaaaak.”

Selina sighed “FINE! I’ll do it if you stop being annoying. What do I do?”

“YAY!” Harley cheered and cartwheeled over to the box, where she bowed and made a inviting gesture. “You just sit in this chair Ma’am, and i’ll take care of everything else.”

Selina stepped into the box and got on the swing. Her head was sticking out through a hole at the top panel.
Harley started getting busy. Adjusting the height of the swing, locking Selina’s feet into the ankle stocks, which were rather wide apart for some reason.
Selina had to stretch out her arms left and right to stick her hands through holes on each side of the box where her wrists were locked into place as well.
Lastly Harley put a rigid posture collar around Selina’s neck, laced it nice and tight and attached it firmly to the top of the box.

“How is that?” She asked after stepping back.

“It is actually not too uncomfortable, but also severely restraining. Just a moment I am going to try and get out.” Selina replied and began to struggle against her bonds.

She could not move her head at all and the stocks around her wrists were designed in a way to get tighter when she tried to pull out of them. After a few minutes, she was convinced that there was no way to get out of this contraption, yet she was reluctant to admit it. She also noticed some glee in Harley’s eyes as she watched her struggle.

“It is quite well constructed.” Selina eventually said.

“I know, right? But there is one more thing to take care of.”

Harley suddenly jumped on top of the box. Her outstretched legs spread far apart, she sat down with her crotch smack in front of Selina’s face.

“Now what are you doing?” Selina inquired somewhat flustered, trying to keep her composure in the situation.

“What do you think? It’s time for your gag.”

Selina felt a bit of relief, but only for a second, until Harley started to drape all sorts of items around her head including at least two kinds of tape and something that looked like a small meat grinder.

“This time it’s going to be a REAL gag. Open up, kitty!”

The moment Selina tried to protest, Harley pinched her nose and shoved some kind of rubber nozzle between her teeth then, she grabbed the meat grinder, attached it to the contraption and secured it with suction cups to the box, right in front of Selina's face.
Selina realized that anything Harley would feed into the funnel on top would be squeezed right into her mouth, which made her give out a rather nervous shriek .

“Don’t worry Kitty, It’s just play dough. It’s non toxic, I guess?” Harley said as she opened a yellow container and stuffed its contents down the funnel and started turning the crank. “I think about half a pound will fill even your mouth.” she chuckled.

The putty like substance started to spread and expand inside Selina’s mouth, pushing her jaws wider and wider apart while Harley continued to pump in more play dough until her cheeks bulged.
When she finally removed the feeder and nozzle, she quickly jammed a large ball gag between Selina’s lips and securely  fastened it with leather straps behind her head. It was followed by a whole roll of microfoam tape and several tight and shiny layers of wide black electricians tape that covered her from the nose to the tip of her chin.

“We don’t want any of the nice packing leak out” Harley said while she gently smoothed out some creases in the tape with her thumbs. She seemed to be very pleased with how the gag had turned out. Selina only managed a annoyed grunt in response.

“We are almost done! I Just need to close it up again.” She explained after she had jumped off the box.

“But first, I need to make some additions to the panels”

She disappeared and came back with another contraption that consisted of a wooden wheel with thick leather paddles fixed around the outside. It also had a motor attached.

“This goes into the back!” She said.

It was plainly obvious how it was going to work, even though Selina could not see what Harley did at the back of the box. Once she heard the sound of the motor turning the wheel the panel was raised and locked into place again.
Selina quickly shifted her body forward as much as possible to avoid the leather paddles slapping her buttocks.

“Way to go Kitty! Stay away from these nasty spankers! Oh no! What is this?!” Harley teased while she focused on the front panel now.
Selina got a quick glimpse as she raised it and there were several big vibrators attached on very strategic points. As the panel clicked into place they hit all the spots and Selina had no choice but to press her body against them if she wanted to avoid a painful spanking.

“I promised you it would be fun!” Harley cheered and clapped her hands.

“I think i’ll give you ten minutes that should…” She was interrupted by the sound of a phone ringing. “Just a second, i’ll be right back.”

Selina didn’t like like feeling as helpless as she was and growing aroused by the vibrations at the same time. Harley better be back right away she thought.

“Oh my god! You are not going to believe it kitty! It was Mister J! He wants me to come to the  old Arkham Asylum right away. He said something about setting a trap for the B-Man! I’m so excited! I need to get going right away! No wait! You are right. I need to get dressed for the occasion! A nurse dress and a corset? How does that sound? Yay! I’m so excited! I promise i’ll be back as soon as I can! I promise!”

That wasn’t what Selina wanted to hear right now, but Harley had already ran off and slammed the door behind her, leaving her helpless and furious, alone with the humming and whirring inside the box.


Selina’s head and fingers twitched as she moaned into her massive gag whenever she reached a climax.
Harley had actually returned right away through a skylight. Sitting on the rafters behind Selina she watched her victim intently.
Every twitch and moan excited her.

“Kitty is going to be mad. She is going to be so mad at me.” She thought.

“I can’t wait to find out what she is going to do to me when I let her out.”

Harley's fingers caressed her own body as she waited some more.
TAPE Summer-Special: A Talking Cat!?!
I know I know, Summer is almost over. Just be glad I didn't post it as late as last years Halloween-Special :D

...anyway, here it is. The long awaited story to the much favored artwork.

I may not have hit their distinctive characters to everyones liking, so I hope you may forgive me if you don't enjoy the story.

For a closer look at the cover go here: Harley and Selina by coutoo

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“Tick Tock” said the creepy voice

When Jim came to he was on his back and on the ground. The smell of leather was abundant as he felt he was completely encased by the dense material.
He was able to move, but not without effort and only one side of his body. His mouth was tightly packed and his head laced into a tight gwendoline hood that only left a small window around his eyes and nose and he could not hear a sound other than the puppet talking to him.

“If you are looking for your wife, she is right next to you” the voice explained “Actually she is part of you. You are both strapped side by side into a buddy suit. Your right leg and her left leg are laced into a single boot. You both cannot hear or talk, but you can each use your outer arm while the other one remains confined inside the suit. Don’t even attempt to use this freedom to get out though, you won’t be able to.”

Jim felt movement at his side. Dori was regaining consciousness. He assumed the voice would tell her the same thing as him right now.

Eventually they awkwardly struggled to their feet in the restricting suit. All three of their legs were laced into high heeled boots. The kind that made walking a challenge even without being the fetish version of the three legged race.
Their upper bodies were confined and strapped tightly into a rigid harness and even though their heads were right next to each other, stiff posture collars around their necks prevented them from turning to look at their partner's face.

They found themselves inside the big entrance hall of their own house. There was a black human-sized crate on the floor and its lid was secured with a number of electronic locks and two keypads on opposite ends.

“Since you are up and about it is time to start our game” The voice continued. “It is quite easy actually. Inside the crate is your friend Tira. You don’t need to worry about her safety. She is quite well and awake and in no danger. You only need to worry about opening those locks, because she is the only one who can assist you with getting out of the suit.

Jim and Dori looked down at the crate again. There was a digital display with numbers on top of it.

“The first code you will get for free.” the voice said and they struggled to their knees. Kneeling in front of the crate, each of their hands was just about able to reach a keypad.

“You have to enter the code simultaneously into both pads”

Since they had no way of communicating and couldn’t even hear any sounds, it took them a frustrating number of tries until they managed to enter the code correctly. Once the first lock sprang open, they heard a slight humming sound and moaning from inside the crate.

“Tira is nicely hooked up to a few vibrating devices placed on the out- and inside of her body. Every time you enter a code successfully, the level of pleasure she receives will increase.”

“Now here is how it works. Hidden around the house are ten green buttons. If you press one of them, the display on the crate will show a new code and the button will change to red. When you come back here, you have one attempt to enter the code. If you do it incorrect, it will become invalid, and you will need to find another button.
Only green lit buttons will provide a code so you need to find a different one every time.
Once you pressed them all, one of them will randomly turn green again and you can go and find it in case you still need more codes.”

“You better hurry though, because every time Tira orgasms, one of the locks will clamp back down again.”

“But since I’m not a sadistic Monster, well not entirely, I provided you with a way to stall your friend for a bit, in case you need more time.”
“You will find that your hands inside the suit are strategically placed on your partner's privates” The puppet explained and only then Jim realized where his fingers were and at the same moment he felt Dori tighten her grip around his member.
“That way you will be able to stimulate each other as well. For every orgasm one of you provides, Tira’s pleasure will be paused for five minutes and for the entire duration she will receive a merciless tickling instead. That should calm her down for a little while.
Your orgasms need to be provided in turn to trigger the effect more than once.
We can’t have one of you get all the pleasure, can we? You both will need to pitch in here.”

“Also, Tira was able to listen in on this conversation and is aware of your instructions. I would keep that fact in mind as well. Since, depending on your strategy, she may not even want to free you right away once she is out.”

“Happy hunting”

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(Note: This story is part of my ongoing "Sissy Husband" series. Although it is set in the past, during the time when Matthew still lived with his Mother and Sister)


“Maddie? Mom said you are at home today, could you do me a favor little brother?  I’m invited to a party after school. I’m gonna go either with my black short sleeved dress and matching heels or the white blouse with the mother of pearl buttons, the red pleated skirt and wedge sandals. Can you make sure the everything is washed and ironed and the red sandals and all my black heels are polished when I get home? I will be in a real hurry so it would be nice if you draw me a nice hot bath too. Please please please?”



Matthew knew he was in trouble when he heard the front door slam shut followed by the sound of his Mother’s heels walking up the stairs.
The door to his room flew open. “Undress, you have one minute.” She said and walked away.
It had been a while that his Mother had been that mad at him, and this time he didn’t think he had done anything to deserve this harsh reaction, but he knew any kind of debate or explanation was futile right now.
He hurried to get his clothes off and followed his Mother to her bedroom.

She was sitting on the bed and he quickly assumed the expected pose, standing on his toes with his arms straight down his side, before she would have to remind him.

“Your younger Sister asked you for a favor and you did not lift a finger to help her. Not only did you make her late for her party, but you also made her cry. What do you have to say for yourself in the matter boy?”

Matthew knew there was no point in making excuses and he didn’t want to. He didn’t feel in the wrong at all this time.

“I’m always doing all the chores in the house Mom, she never does anything! I don’t want her to boss me around like that any more! She can’t tell me what to do! I’m seventeen!”

It may have been more dramatic if he had been dressed and allowed to gesture, but he felt like he gotten his point across.

“I see” his Mother responded. “You raising some valid points here that need to be addressed I suppose.”

Matthew couldn’t believe he actually made her listen this time, but the little hope he had that it wouldn’t be all bad was about to be crushed.

“First of all, your chores have nothing to do with this. You know exactly why you always do all of our laundry and the cleaning any anything else that needs to be done in this house. There was always a chance of our younger Sister doing them for the month, but that never happened, did it?”

Doing the chores had always been decided by their grades. At first Matthew thought it was unfair because he was three years ahead in classes while his sisters subject matter seemed so much easier. But after a while Matthew had to admit that his sister was just smarter than he was. She'd even tried helped him with his schoolwork and he still couldn't get better marks than her. He had to admit he probably deserved to be doing the chores. But he still didn't want his sister to boss him around all the time!

"No Ma'am."

“Second! Not only is your Sister obviously smarter than you, but also taller and stronger. If she wanted to boss you around she could, and I am aware that she did so in the past, but not this time. I listened to the message. There was no commanding tone or demands. She was excited about her party and she asked you nicely didn’t she?”

He hated being bullied by his little Sister so much. Ever since she had outgrown him she found ways to make him do whatever she wanted and blame him for everything that happened. No matter how she had said it this time, it still felt like a demand, but to say that would make things even worse right now, so he had no choice but to agree.

“Yes, Ma’am.”

“Third! As you said it yourself, you are seventeen now. On the day of your birthday I personally told Grace that you were too old for her little humiliations. I tried to raise both of you to be diligent, respectful and considerate. While your younger Sister is actually mature enough to listen to what I tell her, you threw everything out the window at the first opportunity, didn’t you?”

Matthew didn’t want to leave this one alone. He was sure Grace had deliberately set a trap for him with the message and he wanted his Mother to understand that.  
“But…” he began, but his dispute was cut short by a snap of her fingers, which silenced him instantly.  

“DON’T you dare to “but” me! I am very disappointed with your behavior Matthew! Even if you didn’t want to do any of the favors she asked you for, drawing her a bath would have taken you not even a minute. You could at least have checked her shoes or clothes, just to see if they even needed any work. But did you do any of these things? Did you lift a single finger for your Sister?”

“No, Ma’am.”

“Exactly, you decided to be selfish and lazy and deliberately decided to ruin her plans. Do you even know what the event was about?”

“No Ma’am.”

“Grace and her friends organized a support group for girls suffering from being bullied. They were to be honored by the principal and the school committee and you made her late for that special moment.”

Matthew began to understand that this wouldn’t go away easy.

“That is why, in addition to your punishment, there will be some new rules for you to follow. From today there will be no more competition between the two of you. While your Sister will be free to concentrate on her extracurricular activities and independence, you will  focus on your performance in school and your grades.”

“Your TV, video and online privileges are revoked. All unnecessary electronic items will be removed from your room and all non-school-related software and files will be deleted from your computer.
Reading will be limited to textbooks and educational material.
Your phone privileges will be reduced to picking up the house phone when it rings. Talking on the phone will be limited to taking messages for me and your sister and no more than 30 seconds of explaining to your friends that you are busy.
Every day you will do your own and your Sister’s homework and give it to her for review. She will mark anything that needs to be corrected or re-done until everything meets her standards.
You are to keep your Sister informed about your grades and upcoming tests. She will assign additional study time and practice assignments on the associated subjects.”

Matthew couldn’t believe it. He didn’t even want to imagine the way his overcorrect sister would go over his homework or give him assignments. There was usually no pleasing her.

“Also” his Mother continued, “Because of your immature behavior and obvious lack of discipline I think  it will be beneficial for you to focus your performance at home on diligence, being less selfish and skills that will become useful in the supporting role of a future relationship.”

“For the time being, you will do all the chores around here without exception. In addition to the laundry and cleaning you will also do all the grocery shopping and most of the cooking.
Every morning you will rise early to prepare and serve breakfast for everyone present.
You will prepare a packed lunch for your sister and yourself. Your Sister will decide about both of your lunches.
You will do all the breakfast dishes each morning before you leave the house.
You are to come home after your classes without delay every day.
You will also cook and serve dinner according to a meal plan.
Dishes will always be done immediately after each meal. That includes washing, drying stowing, wiping the table and all countertops.
You will painstakingly follow a thorough weekly cleaning schedule for the entire house with frequent inspections by me and your sister.
You will be in bed with lights out at 9:00 pm every day.
One hour before your daily curfew you will make sure any dishes or clothes left around the house are put in their proper place, cleaned and stowed. You will take out the trash and leave a sparkling kitchen behind with the table and all the countertops wiped and the floor mopped.
Right before you go to bed, you will ask your Sister what you should prepare for breakfast and lunch for both of you and you will wish her a good night.
You will not argue with your Sister about anything. You will be helpful and supportive. If she asks you for a favor you will comply without hesitation, understood?”

“Y-yes, Ma’am.”

“I said don’t hesitate, boy! For that why don’t we extend that list right now?
Your allowance will go to your sister for the time being
You will not use your precious car without permission any more.
You will make time to take Grace to places whenever she wants you to. In fact, you may just consider it to be her car now and you will drive her around until she has her own driver's license.
You will get her permission if you want to use it for yourself, and you will find ways to reimburse her for gas.”

“To be able to follow all these rules you will have to be around and available, so you are grounded permanently.
You need permission to leave the house, even for things like grocery shopping. Should I be unavailable, you will remain at home. Grace will be allowed to send you on errands.
You will not enter any of our rooms without knocking and permission.
You are forbidden to lock your own door so we can walk in on you at any time.”

“I believe that list should do for now to keep you on your toes. Expect further tasks, chores and responsibilities to be added at a whim. Now for your punishment!”

Matthews heart sank. Punishment? Wasn’t that whole new bunch of rules enough to make him miserable? He already dreaded what else his mother had in mind.”

“I truly believe that with seventeen you are too old for a simple spanking now, considering they obviously didn’t do anything to teach you any lessons.”

For a second he had some hope it would not be as bad as he imagined, but he was about to find out how wrong he was.

“So you leave me no choice but to take this a step further. Come over here, you know the drill, over my knees, boy”

He stepped forward with a confused look on his face, and while he assumed the way too familiar position across his Mother's lap with the tip of his fingers and toes supporting him on either side, she explained:

“This will go beyond a mere spanking Matthew. Let’s call this a “persuasion”. I believe it will be something you do not want to have repeated ever again.”

“It works as follows. I will begin to spank you with a certain number of strokes in mind, but you will not know how many. If we reach that number, I will just keep spanking you. When you believe you cannot take any more you may ask me to stop.”

Now that didn’t sound nice, but also not terribly bad Matthew thought, but his Mother continued.

“You better try to hold out as long as you can, because if you ask me to stop before I reach the number I had in mind, I will continue to spank you and restart counting from one.”

Now that sounded all kinds of terrible. She would just continue to spank him no matter what until he said something, and if he was too early he would have to go through all of it again and hold out even longer. That was a very scary thought, and she was not even done yet.

“I will be counting the total number of smacks you received until we are done and for good measure you will be spanked again the next day for the same amount.”

Receiving a spanking the day after a spanking was one of the most painful experiences Matthew could remember and he realized that his Mother was not kidding when she said he would not want to repeat the experience. Yet there was more.

“For every failure of holding out until you had your due punishment we will add another day of follow up spanking. I think that should keep you in line for the future.”

Matthew was so scared that he was about to start crying. He knew his Mother meant every word. She knew exactly how to apply her bare palm to his backside in a manner that would inflict constantly growing pain and color him deeply red all over, but she would never break the skin or even cause bruising.
She may have him switch position to use her other hand, but she would not grow tired or stop spanking for however long as it would take.

“Are you ready boy?” She asked with her bare palm resting on his buttocks. A rhetorical question obviously. “Before we begin there is one more thing. I have talked to Grace about your punishment and she actually pleaded for you. Considering the gravity of your offence I had to refuse her request, but I agreed to reduce your punishment somewhat since she insisted that it was part her own fault. I decided that she will be partly responsible to shape your behavior and She is genuinely excited about the opportunity to help avoiding these incidents in the future.”

Matthew didn’t even want to imagine what his initial punishment had been like if he only received a reduced version now, and Grace being involved now just sounded like more punishment and humiliation.

“So after we are finished here you will go to her room not only to apologize but also to show your gratitude.
Be sure to remember your new rules and manners. Knock at her door and wait quietly until she calls you in. I want you to be respectful and polite to your younger Sister. You are on probation for the time being. If I hear any complaints about your behavior, we will add another day of renewal spanking, understood?”

“Yes, Ma’am” Matthew said and winced, as the palm of his Mother landed its first blow.


*know knock*

Matthew knew his sister was in her room, he heard music playing, but she didn’t answer his knock.
It felt so incredible humiliating to stand in front of her door and wait like that.
His Mother had him sent there directly after she finished spanking him without allowing him to get dressed again.
The only thing he was wearing was a thong that she had picked from her lingerie drawer of items that she considered to be too uncomfortable or inappropriate to wear herself.
Matthew was sure that this particular garment would easily qualify for both categories.
It was a thong in the shape of a white seashell that kept his privates uncomfortably packed away, while being held in place by a strand of large black pearls around his hips and another one cutting deep between his sore cheeks. The strands were not designed to stretch, but hooked up to the sides of another seashell-shaped metal clasp in the back. It was already snug but severely tightened even more when his Mother twisted the clasp around to criss cross the strands and hooked up the bottom one to keep it all in place like that.
Matthew could feel every single pearl pressing into his skin now and was not even sure if he could get out of it again without any help.
“Just perfect, boy. This way your modesty is protected, while your sister is able to see the results of your punishment.”

Even though he was sure that Grace had heard him knocking, there was no answer for several minutes. He could hear her talking on the phone to someone, but he did neither dare to knock again nor walk away to come back later. Matthew was too scared that either of these actions may be considered rude and he didn’t want to fail right away.
Eventually he heard “Come in.” and he entered.

She was sitting on her desk with the back to him, still talking on the phone “Yes, Mom, I understand. Yes, I’ll make sure, bye” She ended, before she turned around. When she saw him standing at the door she obviously suppressed a giggle. “Oh my, Mom really had it in for you this time, come here. l let me see.”
She had him turn around and bend forward so she could get a good look at his bottom. She poked it several times which made him wince “I’m sorry, that looks really painful. I love your new style though” She teased, while testing the tightness of the thong.

“I’m sorry Sis” Matthew began to apologize, he really wanted to get this over with so he could get out of her room and into some real clothing. “Mom told me, you rooted for me, i’m…”

His Sister snapped her fingers like their Mother and he stopped talking. “Why don’t you sit down little brother. I just had Mom on the phone and there are some things we need to talk about.”

She pointed at a old chair behind him. He had never noticed in her room before. Sitting down made the pearl strand between his cheeks cut deep into the crack and squeeze his package even tighter, while the rough bristly seat cover instantly stung his sore butt like a thousand needles. It felt like sitting on a doormat. “Listen Sis...”

“We need to get you back on Mom’s good side and I already have some ideas“ She she cut off his attempted plea to get up from the chair again,
”First, I don’t think you should call her “Mom” any more for now. Call her Mother. I know she will love that.” She looked at him and waited for his reply

“OK, Sis.” anything to get this over with, he thought.

“Good, but I don’t think “OK” is appropriate any more if we want you to sound more respectful. Try to respond with “Yes” instead.”

“Yes, Sis.”

She smiled “That sounds so much better, much more humble and obedient, doesn’t it little brother? And to prove to mom that you really changed, I think you should call me Grace instead of “Sis” when she is around.

He hated that she called him “little brother” because he was older, but she had outgrown him just recently and obviously loved to rub that fact in his face. He was certainly not in a mood to argue about it right now. He just wanted to get it all over with so he could go back to his room and mope.

“Ok, Sis... I mean Grace”

“Now that wasn’t right, was it? I tell you what. Forget what I said. Just call me Grace all the time, no matter when and where, that way you can get used to it and you won’t be in danger to slip when Mom is around, OK? Try again.”

“Yes, Grace”

“Much better Maddy! You should also get used to ban all negative sounding words from your mind, like “No” or “but”. Just don’t think about it and always answer with “Yes” it will be so much easier. Am I right?”

“Yes, Grace”

She clapped her hands in excitement “You’re getting the hang of this Maddy. Mom will love the new you.”

Matthew was once more about to get up from the chair but earned a questioning look from his sister. Obviously she was not done yet.

“Second!” She continued. “We need to make sure that a situation like that can’t happen again or Mom will freak out. I will be too busy with school and the clubs to always take care of my wardrobe and stuff, but since you are grounded anyway, you will have a lot of time on your hands. I think it would be great if you could  just go over all my shoes like once a week to keep them shiny and ready, give the coats and jackets a quick brush and check if any of the dresses, skirts and blouses on the hangers have unsightly creases to be ironed out, ok?”

“Yes, Grace”

“That  way I won’t have to worry about about any of my clothes or shoes you know. They will always be ready, and you won’t get in trouble the same thing again. It’s like a win-win, isn’t it?”

“Yes, Grace”

“The cleaning may stir up some dust and lint though. Is it ok to ask you to vacuum the floor too?”

“Yes, Grace”

“Thank you Maddie. You could also clean the windows and wipe all the surfaces and dust the shelves while you are at it.

“Yes, Grace”

“Don’t forget to clean under the bed, turn and vacuum the mattress, and replace all the sheets and beddings with fresh ones.”

“Yes, Grace”

“Make sure to check the answering machine like every hour or so in case I left you a message.”

Matthew took a deep breath before answering with the hint of a sigh “Yes, Grace”

“You are the best, Maddie!” She cheered, seemingly oblivious to his misery.

“Mom told me about the car and your allowance. She made sure to tell me I can’t give you any money or free range over the car or I will be in trouble too. But she didn’t say I can’t give you stuff, right?”

“Yes, Grace?”

“You know how stingy Mom can be when it comes to buying us clothes and how annoyed she gets when we ask her for new ones?”

Matthew didn’t actually know that, it sounded more like a girls problem.

“It will be easy for me to get what I want with your allowance, and since we have pretty much the same size now you can have anything I don’t wear any more.”

“But they are girls clothes… Grace”

“Oh, don’t be silly, Maddie. I’m not going give you my dresses or skirts. I’m talking pants and T-shirts. They are practically all unisex these days. You can even have some of my old blouses and shoes. Nobody will notice, not even you. Because you take care of my things I will return the favor and go through your closet once a week to throw out anything that’s too shaggy and replace it with some of my old stuff.  That way you won’t run out of things to wear any time soon and you won’t have to bother Mom about it.”

“But Grace…”

“Again with the negativity Maddy? I decided to ignore your little lapse a moment ago, but now you are testing my patience. I’m trying to help you out here and you give me the same attitude that got you into the situation in the first place. Just imagine if you talked to Mom like that. ”

“I’m sorry Grace.”

“No more negativity?”

“No Grace… I mean yes Grace.” He was so confused how to answer the question. All he wanted was not to give her a reason to complain to their Mother.

She giggled “Sorry I couldn’t resist. But you agree with my plan, right?”

“Yes, Grace”

“You think it is a good idea?”

“Yes, Grace”

“Say it”

“It's a good idea, Grace”


“Thank you Grace”

“Good boy” She gave him a pat on the head like he was a puppy.

“Next! Mom’s Birthday is in two months. You will need to do something really special to appease her, and I know just the thing. You are going to give her a complete spa treatment with a mani and pedi and a nice long foot massage.”

Matthew thought about how to tell his sister without negativity that he had no idea how to do any of these things.

“Oh my, I can basically hear your brain buzzing” She teased. “You don’t need to concern yourself with details. When Mom or me suggest something, you may always assume that we have already figured it all out for you. Saying “Yes” or “good idea” is like complimenting us how smart we are.”

“Yes, Grace”

“Soooo, what do you think about my idea Maddy?”

“I love it, Grace”

“There you go! I thought you would. Anyway, I have this friend, her name is Melanie. She works at a spa and she is training to become a hairdresser. She promised to teach you everything you need to know. In turn you are going to be her practice model. It’s another win-win, right?”

“Yes, Grace”

“Of course you will need a lot of practice yourself. I already talked to some of my friends and you can give us all mani’s and pedi’s over the next few weeks, but more important is that they agreed to ask their Mom’s and Grannies too! That way you will get so much experience.”

Matthew felt exhausted and increasingly anxious. His sore butt resting on the rough seat felt being sandpapered while he had to endure the excruciatingly uncomfortable thong and listen to his sister going on and on about her plans to “help” and making him agree to anything she suggested. He wanted to get up and run out of the room so much, but he forced himself to comply.

“Yes, Grace”

“Fine, I guess that’s about it for now, little brother. I think you should get dressed now.”

Matthew was so happy to hear that. He immediately jumped off from the chair and said “Thank you, Grace” and he really meant it this time.

“Look at you!” She laughed “Just a minute ago you were all mopey about the idea of getting my clothes and now you can’t wait to try them.”

Matthews heart sank when he realized what his sister implied, and he could not help but utter a “But…”

Grace immediately raised her finger “Ah! Ah! Ah! Negativity, little brother. I think you earned yourself a little reminder just now.”

“Yes, Grace”

She smiled when he instantly fell back into obedience. “Now come over here. Hmm... let’s see what we got for you. How about these?”

She produced a pair of pink peep-toe mules with a fluffy tuft on top and 2,5” heels.
“Aunt Ruth gave me these years ago, I have never ever worn them.” She explained.

Matthew was mortified, he didn’t want to wear these hideous things either. Hesitantly he slipped into them anyway as Grace placed them in front of him.

It felt like his feet slipping down the slanted insole trying to squeeze his toes through the narrow hole on the tip.

“How do they feel?” She asked.

“Weird” Matthew replied.

Grace laughed. “Of course, but how do they fit?”

“They are too small.”

Grace looked at his feet “I don’t think so” She replied and waited.

“Yes, Grace”

“They may be a bit tight, but that what makes them perfect reminders, right?”

“Yes, Grace”

“Of course you can’t wear them barefoot, but since they are so small, making you wear socks would be cruel.”

“Thank you, Grace”

“We’ll go with pantyhose instead.” She decided and handed him a pair of nude ones. After a second of hesitation, Matthew took it and began putting it on.

“The mules are your house shoes for now and will stay on your feet at all times, even in your room.” She said, while he struggled to get inside the unfamiliar garment. ” You must always wear them with pantyhose and you can only take them off when you go out or go to sleep. That will help you get used to them.”  

“Yes, Grace.” he answered as he slipped inside them again with his hosed feet.

Matthew didn’t want to get used to them, they only made him more miserable than he already was. Not only sitting down, but even standing up hurt now.

“So, how about these now?”

She held up a pair of jeans that looked suspiciously unsuspicious. Like a pair or normal jeans. No thin belt hoops, regular pockets and hidden fly buttons.

“Try them on, little brother.”

When he slipped into them he discovered they were long enough to hide most of his feet and the mules.

“See? it’s not so bad after all, is it?”

“Yes, Grace.”

Then came the shirt. It was, dark blue with white polka dots, short puffed sleeves and a white peter pan collar.

Matthew must have looked horrified when his sister buttoned it all the way up to his neck.

“Don’t you like it little brother?” She asked innocently.

“It’s…” he began but he didn’t know what to say that wouldn’t be regarded as negativity.

“It’s blue, blue is a boy's color, right?” his sister finished the sentence for him.

“Yes, Grace”

“...and it has a nice Peter Pan collar. Peter Pan was a boy, right?”

“Yes, Grace”

“So, what’s wrong with it?”

“Its…” he began again “It’s just a bit short, Grace” He was relieved that he noticed something that could maybe be a reason not to wear it, without sounding too negative.

“Oh? You are right, little brother. So you like your new shirt, but you don’t want your belly to show?”

“Yes, Grace”

“That is a perfectly valid reason, Matthew. You don’t need to be scared to talk about fashion with me. I can see your point and I agree. We can’t have that.”

Mathew’s sigh of relief was interrupted when his sister told him to take off the pants again. Just minutes later he found himself in a pair of tight white capri shorts with a extremely high waist. They had a front flap, buttoned up with two rows of shiny gold buttons.A tall black patent leather belt with a huge buckle was strapped around his waist, holding the shirt securely tucked in.

“That is so much better, isn’t it little brother?”

Matthew didn’t respond, Grace stepped closer and pulled her thumbnail over the outline of the pearl thong which was clearly visible under the thin material of the shorts.

“You know, I was thinking this would be something to wear around the house, while you do your chores. That way you would always have your own clean clothes to choose from when you go out.”

Matthew knew what she was getting at.

“Good idea, Grace”

“So I guess you weren’t stubborn or rude, when you didn’t answer my question, right? You were simply overwhelmed by my sense for style and fashion?”

“Yes, Grace”

“Would like me to decide about anything you wear around the house?”

“I… Yes, Grace”

“Day and night?”

“Yes, Grace”

“That would be a lot of work for me”

“Would you please, Grace?”

“Of course! Anything for my little brother!”

“Since that is settled I think you should start right away with my shoes and the closet…”

Matthew sighed.

“...then the whole room, just like we talked about. I’m going to supervise the first time to point out any flaws.”

“Thank you, Grace”

“I better go ahead and text Mom about what she wants for dinner. You will need to start cooking right after you are done here.”

“Yes, Grace”

“I will need to find that cute pinafore Aunt Ruth gave me, you can wear it for all your kitchen duties.”

“Thank you, Grace”

“After dinner you have an appointment with Mel, for your first pedicure lesson. We should make some time for you to wash the car before you take us there.”

Grace turned around and looked at Matthew who stood there in shock.

She clapped her hands. “Chop chop! Don’t just stand there little brother, get busy!”

Matthew felt his head spinning.

“...Yes, Grace.”
Sissy Husband: Growing Pains
This Story is a prequel to my Sissy Husband series that allows us a look at how Matthew had been growing up. 

Cover once more by the incredible talented :iconblackroseseduction:

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Even though Heini was locked in a high security cell that would prevent her escape anyway, she was also kept in constant bondage at all times, only partially removed for the daily feeding, defecation and cleansing.
Nobody could say that Mistress V did not take care of her captives, especially not such highly regarded ones.
Heini could tell that another visit of her captor was imminent, because her assigned custodians had spent all morning to give her a very thorough cleansing of her outside as well as her insides before rigging her up especially helpless and tight.

Her hands were laced into reinforced leather mittens. Her arms were wrapped around her body and the straps sewn to the tips of the mittens pulled tight until they almost touched behind her back.
Additionally her upper body was confined in shiny red leather top, that covered her from the top of the neck to above her belly, providing the impression that Heini had no arms, yet a pair of giant breasts.

From her hips down she was strapped in a special pair or matching pants, with both her legs doubled up and laced individually into leather sheaths that allowed her to awkwardly balance on padded knee-pads like a puppy walking on two legs.

A leash hooked up to the heavy collared neck was tied to a bar above her, making sure she would remain in place and position.

To keep her from offending the Mistress, a huge rubber ball had been shoved into her mouth, it was so big that it stretched her jaws open to the limit. To keep it securely inside, a 4” wide strip of matching red, triple layered leather had been placed around the entirety of her head . Without making any concession to anatomical contours, It covered her open mouth completely from right below her nose to the tip of her chin, uncomfortably squeezing part of her ears as it wrapped all the way around to an array of buckles at the neck. They were strapped so tightly that Heini’s head felt like being crushed, squeezing the skin of her cheeks to bulge out above and below, giving her the classic “gag look”. The visible parts of her face had turned a suffocatingly red color, her eyes wide open and pleading, about to burst into tears.

Mistress V seemed to be very pleased with Heini’s expression when she eventually entered the cell. Her purple lips smiled cruelly as she untied the leash and walked out the door with Heini stumbling behind her.
She moved at a brisk pace in her high heeled purple boots in disregard of to the struggling girl trying to keep up. Eventually they entered a small room with a saddle shaped contraption against the back wall.

“Some of the guards have been complaining my dear.” Mistress V began to speak in a playfully arrogant tone. “They say you would not even try to offer them certain services in exchange for some favors. Of course that can mean several things. I know you are a strong willed girl, and you may think it is above you to perform such acts, right? Or you may think it would not get you anywhere, and you would be right. But for the sake of humiliation let us assume you are absolutely dying to please them anyway yet you just don’t have the necessary skills required.”
She bowed down and lifted Heini’s chin up with a finger to look into her eyes. “Hmmm? Is that it? Would you like me to help you?” She smiled and put three fingers of her other hand on top of Heini’s head to make her nod in a awkward fashion “Yes, you would? And I will, girl!”

She led her over to the saddle and tied the leash to a peg on the wall.
“Stay” she said in a commanding tone. “You are not yet allowed to sit, puppy” then she turned away, to address the attendant.
They talked for some time while Heini desperately tried to keep upright. She was exhausted from the walk in the tight restraints and very hungry as well, being cleaned out so thoroughly this morning.
Eventually the two Ladies came over to her, with the attendant behind Mistress V pushing a control panel on wheels.
While she hooked the panel up to the saddle with a cable, V slipped her hand between Heini’s thighs and opened the zipper along her crotch to investigated inside with her well manicured and experienced fingers.
“Mmhh Hmmm. perfectly shaved. I will need to give Mandy and Sandy a bonus for keeping you as well groomed as they keep you restrained, dear.”

In the meantime the attendant activated the panel. A dildo that looked like it was made out of black golf balls strung together emerged from the saddle.

“Now you get to sit my dear” Mistress V said when she picked Heini up with the help of the attendant. Heini squealed into her gag when she realized that they slowly lowered her onto that thing with her anus.
“Surprised? Mistress V asked obviously amused. ”It is not a mistake my dear. This one is only to keep you in place, but don’t you worry we will fill more than that orifice today.”

It kept her in place alright. Once Heini’s buttocks touched down on the saddle, she was not going anywhere. Her knees were above the ground and without the use of her arms she had no way to lift herself up in the slightest.
Of course Mistress V was right about the other thing as well. The attendant switched a few buttons on the panel and another dildo entered Heini from below, It was obviously much larger and Heini instantly felt that it had additional nodules located at very sensitive spots.
One more dildo emerged out of the wall in front of her face. That one was shaped anatomically correct, complete with a full set of life-like testickles.

“Now I don’t think you need to guess what is expected of you here” Mistress V teased, while she crouched behind Heini to unbuckle the heavy gag-strap. “Don’t you worry about a thing, we have made sure you will be sufficiently motivated to keep you going as long as we want you to.”
The moment the gag popped out, Mistress V seized Heini’s jaw and pushed her cheeks in with her thumb and middle-finger to prevent her from closing her mouth while positioning the tip of the dildo right in front of her lips.
Simultaneously the attendant pushed her head forward before she could utter a single word. The Ladies laughed out loud over the gurgling noises Heini made as the glans found it’s way down her throat. They kept pushing despite her nearly choking until her lips were smack against the base and her nose almost touched the wall.

“Now listen, dear. When we let go you will stay in place until I tell you otherwise, or you will regret it.” Mistress V warned her as they loosened their grip.
As soon as Heini was free, she pulled her head back regardless, but quickly changed her mind as she felt the prick of increasing electric current coming from the dildo below. It stopped again once she returned to her initial position.

“She loves to kiss those balls, doesn’t she?” Mistress V said to the attendant and they laughed again at Heini’s predicament.
“We will give you plenty of opportunity to caress them my dear. Now push forward just a little bit more.”
Heini thought it would be better to do as told and took it in even deeper pressing her lips against the silicon testickles. Then a green light appeared above the dildo.

“Well done, Heini. You just completed your very first blow, if you pardon the pun. This light is your confirmation that you are allowed to pull back.”
Heini relaxed her position, the green light went out and the electric current started to rise up again.
“...of course it is not that easy, girl. To avoid the quickly growing discomfort below, you will need to keep your lips wrapped firmly around your lover and pull it with you by constantly applying suction as you slide all the way back to the tip.” Mistress V explained.

A second green light appeared while the first one went out as Heini’s lips were about to slip off the dildo.

“Stop!” Mistress V shouted. “Now you go forward again. Your goal is to alternate between these two lights. As long as you keep up you will be rewarded with soothing vibrations from the intruder between your legs.

Heini kept pumping the dildo as instructed, because she saw no alternative right now. She hoped that V would eventually stop talking and leave if she pretended to obey, but for now she just stood there, looking at her with this smug look on her face.
Suddenly Heini received a sudden jolt of electricity directly into her clit. It was so strong that she cried out and spasmed, almost fainting from the pain.

“Oh my! Did I forget to tell you?” Mistress V cooed “This is what happens If you scrape your teeth just ever so slightly across your lover. You better make sure to keep them out of the way and work on improving your suction sweetie, because it will also happen if you ever let go of him.”

Heini was still in a daze, but she quickly wrapped her lips around the tip of the dildo again before any more of these shocks were issued.

“Good girl! Of course I realize that this is quite distracting, so you will be allowed a minute to recuperate before you need to continue your training.”
Heini noticed a counter display had appeared above the green lights that was counting down the seconds to zero.

“Well…” Mistress V continued “...It is a minute now, but next time it will only be 30 seconds, and after that 15, and so on. We want you to avoid these shocks, not anticipate them. Motivation, dear. It is all about your motivation.”

Heini continued sucking the dildo, and V still didn’t show a sign of leaving any time soon. She walked over to the attendant at the switchboard and they discussed something, but she could not hear what was talked about.
In the meantime her previously tortured clit was now being massaged with pulsing vibrations according to the pace she provided with her mouth.
Heini realized that she would be cumming sooner or later, and she had no way of avoiding it.

She tried slowing down, but then the green lights started blinking

“It’s a warning, dear. You need to pick up the pace, we can’t have you slacking. Your lover needs constant attention.” V explained casually, interrupting her conversation at the panel.

While the Ladies continued talking and laughing occasionally, Heini’s level of arousal grew steadily. She was scared that a orgasm would throw her off pace and she would receive another one of these agonizing shocks. She tried to keep calm and concentrate on the task at hand, but to no avail. She could not prevent slowly working herself up towards a climax.
She didn’t even notice the Ladies approaching again until they suddenly commented on her plight.

“She is almost there.” Mistress V said, looking down on her “This should be fun.”

The moment Heini orgasmed, the attendant quicky pushed her head forward onto the dildo and several huge loads of hot gooey liquid were pumped directly down her throat.

“Mhhhmm, doesn’t that taste so nice my dear? Your body is going to welcome the nutrition, since we have been starving you lately. This will be your reward for completing a cycle. Dear Caroline here only helped you the first time so you wouldn’t get too startled. Next time you will be required to swallow it all on your own. You will be allowed a 30 second break to savor the treat before you continue. It is the real deal too. All the guards donated just for you girl.”

She turned to the attendant.

“I think 8 straight hours a day will be enough for the first week. Increase the size of the lover and the amount of nutrients she receives gradually every day and increase the daily duration every week.”

“Yes, Ma’am. My pleasure Ma’am”

“You see, we won’t be relying on your mind, dear Heini. No matter how strong your will is, we are going to circumvent it with this technique. In time your body will learn to respond to certain stimuli and perform accordingly by muscle memory only, without anything you can do about it.”
“I will be off for a couple of weeks now and I am sure you will have acquired all the necessary skills and be a new favorite of the guards when I return.”

She turned to the attendant again

“Every day when you take her back to the cell, use the current lover as a mouthpiece for the gag.” Mistress V said to Caroline the attendant before she walked out of the training cell with a happy little hum on her lips.
Heini Foyour: Deep Trouble
A little story inspired by :iconrook-07:'s heroine Heini Foyour.

Check her out in his gallery:…

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John was on the way to the airport with his wife and stepdaughter. He was sitting in the back seat, while the two of them had a nice chat about things they would do while he was away.
John knew better than to interrupt them. He had already caused a crisis this morning when he asked some questions about his trip.

Two years ago it had seemed to him like the opportunity of a lifetime to marry into a rich Asian family. Right now John wasn't so sure about that any more.
They had met, or rather she had chosen him, through a online dating service. There was never much dating though, but more formal meetings with the woman's Mother and her Daughter always present. Especially her Mother was quite suspicious of his motives and demanded all sorts of legal paperwork to be signed before they could get married.

There was no big wedding ceremony, but a short business like transaction where they took him to a Female Asian Lawyer's office where he would sign some more papers in a language he could not even read.

There was no honeymoon, because he started working at his Mother in Law’s leather factory as an accountant the very same day to prove he wasn't “lazy”.
It was a well paying job, but his whole wage went to the joint account that his Wife managed. He would always have to ask her for money if he needed some, and she would hardly ever see the need to give him any or much less than he asked for.

His Mother in Law made sure he was constantly buried in work. His breaks were short and supervised and he worked several hours of overtime almost every day.
At home his wife demanded that he would help with the housework. Since he was always late, all he got for dinner was his Wife’s and Step-Daughter’s leftovers. Sometimes only plain rice or soggy noodles, and of course they left him their dirty dishes to clean.
Laundry was split evenly with them stuffing their clothes into the washing machine and the dryer and him doing all the ironing, folding and putting away. There was always a big heap that would take him hours to finish and almost every day he was so tired that he went right to bed, in his own separate bedroom. His wife insisted that he would sleep by himself, so he wouldn't wake her up when coming to bed late, and because he would have to rise early as well, because his Mother in law demanded he be at the company before anyone else to set a good example.
Even on weekends he would have to get up early and do what his Mother in law called “humble work” at the company. Tedious and menial tasks that the secretaries of the company could assign to him during the week. It was meant to be a sign that he was not above such work. The rest of the weekend he would spend with other tasks like cleaning the house, the cars and running errands.

After two years without a single break he dared to bring up the subject of vacation time, and to his surprise his Mother in Law agreed. She even insisted that she knew just the place for him to go and that is how he found himself on his way to the airport.
He had no idea where he was going tough, or for how long. His Wife had explained that he was going on some kind of “Husband Holiday”, a tradition in her family where he was sent to a special retreat all by himself.

They did not just unload him and let him find his way, they insisted on checking his baggage for him and even escorted him to the security check in.
It was a remote section of the airport where he had to stand in line with other men. The personal were all young Female Asians dressed in dark blue uniforms of tight skirts and blazers, white blouses and black heels.
One by one the men were first relieved of their passports and carry on luggage for inspection and then escorted through a door in the back by two of the Ladies.

When it was John’s turn, they brought him to a room with a large mirror and he had no doubt that he could be watched from the other side. The young girls informed him that he would have to undergo a quick strip search before he could proceed to the plane and asked if he objected to be searched by female personal, which he denied with a smile and signed the waiver they presented him. He was then pointed to a small changing cabin to undress.

When he stepped out again the girls were gone. Instead he was met by a group of similar uniformed mature Ladies with rather stern looks on their faces. They all wore latex gloves and immediately began to order him around. “Raise your arms”, “Now spread your legs” “Bend over”. Their fingers poked and prodded and Invaded him everywhere. He tried to protest the treatment, but they would simply ignore his pleas and continue the search.
When he eventually he found himself on his knees and one of them grabbed his jaw and shouted “Open up, Lo!” to check his teeth with a flashlight as if he was a horse, while the ones behind him strapped his wrists together with wide metal-lined cable tie. John pulled his head away and struggled with his arms. Protests were cut short by the women slapping his face hard.
“How dare you resist security procedures?” She yelled and shouted some angry words in her native language. To his surprise the other Women cut the tie again, but immediately twisted both of his arms up, raising his wrists to his neck, where they quickly strapped them together again. Pulling his elbows together and fixing them in place with two more of the rigid bands made the position even more excruciating.
“Much better, no more struggling, Lo” The Woman said.
“Please, there must be a mistake” john pleaded. “Please, call my wife, she must still be outside. I don’t want to take the trip anymore.”
“Your Wife is not outside! She and her daughter watching from behind the mirror. There is no mistake and no canceling the trip for you.” She laughed, when she saw the despair in his eyes.
Before he could say anything else, a large rubber Ball was quickly shoved into his mouth and the connected straps tightened behind his head.
The woman slapped his face again a few more times. “Much better, La!” She said “No more complaining now. This will keep you quiet, scum.”
They were not done with him yet as they strapped a heavy posture collar around his neck and ankle cuffs with a short chain were locked to his legs.
A leash was attached to the collar and tied to a peg on the wall, then the Ladies left him like this and all he could do was staring at the mirror in disbelief. He may have imagined it, but he may have heard muffled laughter and giggling.

After a while another Woman entered the room with a heavy rolling vat, full of steaming hot soapy water. She was dressed in a white blouse with ribbon tie, a tight black leather skirt with a wide belt and shiny black patent leather heels.

She unhooked the leash and made him turn around. “Time to prepare you for a long flight! Bend over La!” she said and slapped John's face twice without warning before she pulled his head down with the leash and tied it to the edge of the cart to keep him in place. She picked up a rubber hose attached to the vat and pushed the nozzle on the other end into his anus.  John felt the hot liquid flow into his colon as she started to move a lever back and forth. It gave him cramps almost immediately.
“You were uncooperative so you got severe restraints from customs, now you get double amount of cleaning liquid from me, on their behalf” She said while she kept pumping.

“You hold for ten minutes, La! Or you will be sorry!” She said when she eventually pulled the nozzle.
While John was cramping inside, the Woman took electric clippers and shaved his hair down to a stubble before she left.
John was in pain and the pressure was intense, but he was too afraid to let go even after he was sure the ten minutes were already over.

When the Woman returned she released him so he could relieve himself into a bucket, then she secured him again and inserted the nozzle once more. “Now three times the amount, just because you cannot complain about it.” she scoffed.
“This time you hold for twenty minutes, pig.”

John was in agony close to tears when she returned.
She took several minutes to check and firmly tightened all his restraints and the gag before she released him this time.

“Now five times the amount, just for fun!”

She pumped him up until the thought his belly was going to burst.

“Now you jump! No standing around this time, lazy scum. Jump up and down, La! 30 Minutes”.

John started jumping and he felt the liquid sloshing around inside him, increasing the pressure and the cramps even more.

“You will jump while I'm gone lazy pig!” she shouted as she left “If you stop only one second I will know.”

John was in constant agony, with no way to tell how much time had passed. It felt it was much longer than 30 minutes when the Woman returned and he was at the brink of collapse.

“Your time not over yet!” She yelled and smacked his butt with a riding crop because john had stopped when he saw her. “fifteen more minutes for disobeying, la!”
She stayed, striking him with the whip and shouting insults at him.
Eventually he couldn't hold it any more and the enema started leaking out, first in little drips, then sudden bursts.

“Dirty pig! Keep jumping, don’t stop” She yelled and opened a cabinet on the wall with a water hose inside. She hosed him down with cold water while telling him to keep jumping.
Eventually she allowed him to stop. She made him bend over again and inserted something in his rectum. It was a inflatable plug that she firmly pumped up until John moaned into the gag, which earned him a few slaps to the face,“Quiet pig!” then she gave the pump a few more squeezes. ”This seal you up good. Now you ready for a long trip.”

“Time for evaluation and recommendation” She continued and showed him what appeared to be a clip-on earrings with Asian writing. “This one says ‘Domestic duty’ and this one ‘weekly discipline’. They are recommended treatments after arrival, but only for good behavior.” She explained as she put them away again “You will get these instead”
She picked up thick, polished steel rings with screw-on clamps. Heavy-looking metal balls with writing dangled from them.

This one says: “severe daily beating” she told him, excruciatingly tightening the clamp to his earlobe. “...and this one “merciless rickshaw training” as she attached it to other ear. “These are my recommendations for your vacation. Now you kowtow before me with your face on the floor to show gratitude!”

John struggled to his knees and lowered his upper body until he eventually dropped hard on his face in front of the Woman’s feet.

She gave a disregarding sneer, told him to stay like that and left.

John was shivering from the cold water and it took long enough to get dry off before someone else came.
He could not see who it was in his position, he only heard the sound of several pairs of heels.
It appeared that they were younger girls who didn't speak any English. While they checked his restraints and tightened them even more, they kept chatting with each other, disregarding John's plight. They giggled and laughed when they discovered the earrings and eventually they made him get up to lead him out of the room on a leash.
The three girls, dressed in the same skirts, blouse and heels as the last one, walked him quickly through several long hallways until they arrived in a big hangar with long queue of other men, nude and restrained just like him, or less severe. His leash was hooked up to the back of the collar of another man in front of him and he waited while at the front of the line one by one they were led up the stairs and into the back of a huge passenger-plane.

When it was his turn, another mature, stern looking, uniformed Lady checked his restraints and earrings and jerked him up the stairs on the leash. “We will find special place for obstinate slave”
The stewardesses led him up the stairs and through the back section, where he could witness men being installed left and right of the isles.
Some of them were just in the process of being strapped to a uncomfortable looking steel frame in a seating position, some were already confined in thick padded leather sheats, that the stewardesses tightly laced up the back, turning them into comfortable seats on the outside.

“Too good for you.” The angry Lady stated.

The next section of the plane showed a similar scene. Men were used as seats, but they looked even more uncomfortable on the inside while being more luxurious on the outside.

The steel frames they were strapped to were made recline-able, and their heads stuck out on top of the backrest. Large donut shaped leather cushions were strapped to their faces and leather straps attached with clamps to their ears would not only keep them in place, but also make them a adjustable headrest. Heavy rubber bulbs inserted into their mouths under the cushion, mercilessly inflated by the stewardesses, would make sure the passengers would not be bothered.

“Still too good for you.” She remarked as she dragged John behind her through the section.

The front section of the plane had large seating pods. The backs of three bundled up and leather encased men side by side formed just the seat, three more the backrest.
John himself was bundles up in a tight package as well. Knees to his chest he was shoved into a narrow space in the pods armrest. His head sticking out on top.
Leather straps were hooked up to the clamps on his earlobes and a nose-hook pulled over the top of his head and attached in the back.
His ball gag was removed and quickly replaced by a large metal ring that would keep his mouth wide open. Another metal clamp was attached to the tip of his tongue. They pulled it taut and secured it in place.
John was completely unable to move his head in any direction now and they left him like this.

It seemed like hours later when someone else came. John couldn't see who it was, but someone sat down in the pod. Shortly after he felt the plane moving and eventually take off.

A female voice announced: “Dear Lady Passengers, we have now reached our cruising altitude. The estimated duration of the flight will be 18 hours. Please make yourself comfortable, the non smoking signs have been turned off.”

John saw a female hand reaching for a lever right next to his head. He thought he recognized the jewelry, the thick gold rings on her pinky and ring-finger seemed very familiar. The hand moved the lever and his head was pulled back by the hook in his nose until he looked straight up to the ceiling.

The Woman in the seat bowed over him so he could see her face. Tears of despair escaped his eyes when he recognized her.
“This is just perfect for a lazy pig like you. Aren't you so happy and grateful that your Mother in Law is keeping you company for the long flight?” She said with utter contempt, before she dropped the ash from her cigarette into his mouth.
The Town: Arrival
Update: I added some more awesome artwork with the permission of NimRod.

Another story inspired by the amazing art of 
NimRod and his universe of the Oridomain* he created.

If you ever wanted to know how to get to the place, now you know.

Also check out the artists blog:  nimrodillustration.wordpress.c…

Cover picture used with permission of the artist.

Oridomain © n. A virtual world of dominant oriental
women and their subjects (C21: a conjugation derived
from "oriental dominatrix" + "domain"); 1. A land
governed by and under the power of dominant oriental
women; 2. Parts of an abstract, fantasy or virtual
space where oriental female domination exists or is
performed; 3. The internet domain of artist NimRod.


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